GunsAmerica $10 Coupon – Terms and Conditions

General Explanation, Including Terms and Conditions for the GunsAmerica $10 Coupon Towards the Purchase of a New Gun:

  1. This is a promotion from GunsAmerica. The purpose is to offlay our GunsAmerica seller fees, so that GunsAmerica, at least in part, eats them.
  2. The coupon is currently available only to new registrants at GunsAmerica. Please don’t get a new email address and register it if you are a long timer here. Come on it’s only ten bucks.
  3. The coupon is only for sales on which there is a GunsAmerica fee, which means that local sales are excluded. Local sales are always free on GunsAmerica.
  4. The coupon is only for new guns. Nongun items and used guns are excluded.
  5. Therefore, the seller has to be an FFL dealer, as non-dealers are prohibited from dealing in new guns, and once a gun is sold at retail to a consumer, whether it was fired or not, the gun is considered to be used.
  6. The $10 will automatically be deducted from qualified purchases on the checkout page. The seller will be notified, and the $10 will be automatically deducted from his selling fee.
  7. That means that if you don’t check out and just call the guy, allowing him to not report the sale to GunsAmerica, the $10 coupon does not apply. You must check out.
  8. No coupons will be honored for anyone who is caught playing games with registrations or any other hanky panky.
  9. GunsAmerica assumes no liability for your purchase, or attempted purchase, of anything, or any discount thereon. This is an advertising site. GunsAmerica sells nothing, and when you check out, you are paying the seller directly, not us, even with a credit card.
  10. GunsAmerica will only reimburse FFL dealers for qualified purchases when a buyer has used the coupon and the $10 discount was reflected on checkout communications. If the $10 discount is not reflected on the checkout, and in checkout communications, IT DOES NOT APPLY.
  11. This coupon is good for 60 days after registration, or until we end the promotion, which we may do at any time.