Already Paid? Think an invoice in Wrong? Don't understand why you're being invoiced?

Do NOT just shoot off an email to customer service stating you do not owe us anything. We will only reply by asking you to visit this FAQs and follow the directions found here. Do NOT react by first asking us “what is this for?” We will only reply by asking you to visit this FAQs and follow the directions found here. You must FIRST follow proper procedures for checking the details of your accounting section of your GunsAmerica account. See below for details and for information on how to do this. HOW TO OPEN, READ, AND UNDERSTAND DETAILS OF AN INVOICE: * Log In. * Click on My GunsAmerica. * Hover over Accounting in the menu at left. * Click on Invoices. * Click on an invoice number, this will open the invoice. * The fees and what they are for are listed inside the invoice. If you do not understand the fees, visit the FEEs page. * To see the actual listing the invoice pertains to, click on “view”. As long as you have not deleted the listing from your account, you’ll be able to see it. (Remember; you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with all fees BEFORE listing, see the fees page for details) HOW TO REVIEW PAYMENTS YOU HAVE MADE: * Log In. * Click on My GunsAmerica. * Hover over Accounting. * Click on Payments. * There will be a list of payment dates with the total amount paid. * To see which invoices were paid on that date click on the plus sign + to the left of the date. * This will reveal a list of all invoices paid with that exact payment. * You can click on the invoice number to open and view it. * Keep in mind it can take up to 2 weeks for payments made by mail to show in your account. WHAT TO DO IF YOU ALREADY PAID AN INVOICE: If you paid an invoice and it is not yet marked as paid (giving at least 2 weeks for checks and money orders to be applied) please contact customer service (see link at the bottom of any page or reply to the email you received) and send us the details. So that we can confirm your payment and apply credit to your account, you MUST send the detailed payment information outlined below for EACH invoice in question. Not providing ALL of the detailed information we have requested (below) for each invoice may prevent us from addressing your issue in an accurate and timely manner. IF PAID BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD Invoice number in question: Exact amount of charge: Date charged to your account: Last four digits of the card charged: Last name on the card charged: or IF PAID BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER (MO) Invoice number in question: Number of check or MO: Name on check or MO: Amount of check or MO: Date on the check or MO About what date the check or MO was mailed: WHAT TO DO IF YOU FIND AN INCORRECT INVOICE: > Do not ignore an invoice if you feel it is incorrect. > If you feel an invoice is incorrect or invalid for some reason other than already paid, please contact customer service and explain in DETAIL. > You must include the INVOICE NUMBER in question as well as any GA listing number it pertains to, and the detailed reason you feel the invoice is invalid. > Do not just say, “I don’t owe you anything” or “I did not sell anything.” as this is not a valid and detailed reason. > Remember, it is the actions of the member/seller that generates invoices. Please read the HOW INVOICES ARE GENERATED and HOW TO REPORT AN ITEM AS SOLD in this FAQs to understand how/why an invoice may have been generated by mistake. > If you do not include the invoice number and details your issue cannot be addressed. > All invoices contain descriptions for fees and the GA listing it pertains to. See the instructions above to know how to open, view, and understand your invoice. > It is the seller’s responsibility to open and view each invoice and review our fees page before contacting GunsAmerica with an invoice inquiry.