How to: Bulk Photo Upload


Bulk Photo upload uses your own personal product photos to tie into your bulk inventory upload. Photos must be LESS THAN 5 mb in size.


Your first photo should be named exactly like your stock number. For example, if your stock number is 123abc, then your first photo must be named 123abc.jpg (if .jpg is the file extension).

The second photo should be named 123abc-1.jpg, the third, 123abc-2.jpg and so on. You can compress all of your photos into a .zip file and upload the file.

Bulk Photo Upload should be performed AFTER your Bulk Inventory Upload is complete. You can Click Here to check the status of your upload.

How to Upload Bulk Photo File

Step 1: Name all your photos the same as your stock numbers and follow the naming convention stated above.

Step 2: Compress your photos into a .zip file.

Step 3: From your dashboard, click on Bulk Upload under Stocking Dealer Services.

  1. Select Bulk Upload Images on the bottom.
  2. Click Choose File and select the file from your computer.
  3. Select “Append”
  4. Click Upload and Process
  5. You will receive a confirmation once the file is processed