Can / Should I use an escrow or bonding service to pay for what I want to buy?

First and foremost please remember GunsAmerica is not involved in transactions between buyer and seller (pre or post sale) so we cannot tell you if you can or should use escrow/bonding or not. That is up to you and the seller to work out between you. Usually the seller picks the payment policy and explains the options to the buyer. If the seller does not offer a payment option you would like to use, like escrow, you can of course ask if they are willing to do this. If you do not agree with the seller’s payment policy you should not purchase from that seller. About Escrow Services and Bonding Services. You might want to consider using an escrow service, or purchasing from a bonded (or insured) seller, if you are purchasing a high priced item from someone you do not know or have never done business with before. We explain these options to you not because we recommend them (that is totally up to you and the seller) but because we want to give you as much information as you might need to make an informed decision. Escrow Services: An escrow service accepts and holds payment from a buyer until the buyer receives and approves the merchandise the seller sends. Only then will the escrow service forward your payment to the seller. You, the buyer pays the escrow service a fee for this, which is usually a percentage of the cost of the item. Before using an escrow service, both the buyer and the seller should verify that it is a legitimate, reputable company. There should be no mistaking that you both agree to use a particular escrow service. Buying from a Bonded (or insured) Seller: Some sellers may tell you they are bonded or insured so escrow isn’t needed. If a you intend to rely on a seller’s bonded/insured status you should investigate the legitimacy of the seller’s bonding/insurance company AND then make sure the seller really is certified by that company. But keep in mind; if there is a dispute between you and the seller you most likely will have to follow a specific resolution process (outlined by the bonding/insurance company) before being able to even submit a claim to the bonding/insurance company. Protection is not automatic or guaranteed. You should also keep in mind that it is the seller who pays for the bonding/insurance and there is no guarantee there is no prejudice involved there. WARNING: There are scams out there that involve fake escrow services or fraudulent sellers stating they are bonded but are not. Do your research and be sure to verify ALL information before handing over your hard earned cash!! NOTE: Another option, when buying a high ticket item from a stranger, or over the Internet, is to use your credit card (not debit card). When you use the average credit card every purchase you make is in some way protected by your credit card company. Check with your credit card company/bank to be sure how these options work and if this option is for you.