Can you tell me why an Auction closed or comes up as "invalid"?

If an Auction “closed” that means it came to an end of it’s allotted run, with or without a winner. If there is a winner this information will be displayed in the Auction listing and the winner will be notified via the GA messaging system. If an Auction comes up as invalid it could simply be that the Auction came to a close and was deleted from the system. Or, on very rare occasions, if an Auction comes up as “invalid” it could be something happened either with the seller, the listing, or the with the item listed for auction, and the Auction had to be closed early. It could be there was a problem with the listing, a problem with the item, or any other reason. If an Auction listing comes up as “invalid” or closed you should assume it is no longer available. If you are a buyer and have paid for an item or if you were officially declared the “winner” and the auction is now “invalid” or closed AND you are having trouble with the transaction please contact the seller using the GA messaging system – you should have already received a message stating you are the accepted buyer or winner in the messaging section of your GA account panel. You should also view the Communication/Messaging section of this FAQs.