Dealer Advertising Setup


Customize your GunsAmerica Dealer Ad on the Customer Connect Settings page on your dashboard.


The Dealer Advertising Settings page is reserved for dealers in the Customer Connect program or with an invite code from a manufacturer.

If you are a stocking gun dealer with a store, click here to learn more about Customer Connect dealer advertising on GunsAmerica.

Setting up your Ad:

Step 1: Access Customer Connect Settings.

  1. On your dashboard, click on “Settings” next to Customer Connect.
  2. If you received an invite code from a manufacturer, enter your code in the text box and click “Apply Code.”

Step 2: Choose your settings.

  1. Choose an image for your ad. By default, we use Google Street View images. To change the image, select “Upload Image.”  Click the “Select” button and choose your store photo from your computer. The photo must be less than 1mb in size. Once you choose the photo it will be automatically uploaded to your ad.
  2. Verify your FFL address. If your FFL address has changed, click the “Edit FFL Address” link.
  3. If you are using one of our Live Storefronts, you may display a link to your website on your ad by selecting “Your Listings on Live Storefront.”
  4. Brochure mode – This option will disable communications and online checkout. This is for sellers who do not want to worry about dealing with emails or online sales and shipping guns. If you are here to sell guns online as well, leave this option turned OFF.

Step 3: Enable the partner maps.

  1. Turn on the available partner maps if you want to be seen on manufacturers websites.
  2. Post inventory from that manufacturer to show on their website.
  3. Make sure you have the manufacturers categories selected in your distributor feeds to show available inventory.

For further assistance on setting up or using the Customer Connect Settings page, please contact [email protected]