Do you accept debits/check cards?

Yes, GunsAmerica accepts debit/check cards, which carry the VISA or MasterCard logo, for payment in place of regular credit cards. See important note below. IMPORTANT NOTE: Most businesses, including GunsAmerica, that accept any kind of card will “validate” the card when you first enter it into the system or with your first payment. To validate the card a temporary charge of $1 or more will be held against your account. This is not a true charge and will be removed/refunded within a few hours or a few days. BUT it is important to keep this in mind for two reasons: 1) We don’t want you to think the validation is a true charge or that we are overcharging you. And 2) You want to make sure you have enough funds in the account to allow for these types of validations because even though they are not true “charges” they will temporarily tie up that amount of money (over and above the actually invoice you are paying) for up to a few days. Again, this is a common and accepted business practice that many business now follow. If you have questions about this type of “validation” please contact the bank you get your card from. * We strongly caution anyone who is using a debit/check card NOT to do so if you do not have enough funds in your account to allow for these validations and any invoices you may incur but not plan for. * Keep in mind, GunsAmerica does NOT collect payment for items purchased from sellers. You must contact the seller of the item you are interested in for instructions on the what’s and how’s to pay for that item. GunsAmerica is not involved in any transaction between buyer and seller (pre or post sale).