How to: FTP Bulk Upload


FTP Bulk Upload allows you to upload your inventory files via our FTP server for processing. Your inventory file should be your entire inventory. The FTP is a quick and easy way for you to keep your inventory up-to-date without having to login to your account online.

In order to access the FTP Bulk Upload, you must be in one of our paid Discount Packages. Click Here to upgrade your account to access the FTP Bulk Upload.


Before using the FTP Bulk Upload, you must first use the Web Bulk Upload to match your columns to our system- Click Here to read about the Web Bulk upload and how to set up your inventory file.

After using the Web Bulk Upload the first time, you can then use the FTP for future uploads.

You must download and install an FTP application in order to use the FTP Bulk Upload. We recommend using FileZilla.

You can upload XLSX or CSV files to the FTP site.

To use the FTP Bulk Upload:

Step 1: Request access to FTP.

  1. On your dashboard click on “Bulk Upload” under Dealer Services.
  2. Under FTP Bulk Upload, click the link to request FTP access and instructions.
  3. You will receive an email with your FTP credentials.

Step 2: Connect to the FTP site.

  1. Open your FTP client.
  2. Enter you Username and Password provided in the FTP Upload Email.
  3. The host site is
  4. The Port is 21.

Step 3: Upload your entire inventory file.

  1. Drag the file from your computer into the FTP folder. Download our sample bulk upload file.
  2. You will see your file in the FTP folder and it will begin processing on GunsAmerica.
  3. Click here to check on the status of your upload and to download any errors.
  4. We send you an email when all listings are processed.

Step 4: Monitor your listings on Dashboard > Classified Ads.

For further assistance on setting up or using the FTP please contact [email protected].