Seller Terms and Conditions

  1. GunsAmerica is an advertising system, nothing more. And like with any advertising system, you are completely responsible for the legality of what you are selling, who you are selling it to, and your legal ability to sell it. This applies not only to guns. Crimes with far reaching harmful impact have occurred on the internet involving everything from children’s toys to car parts. Verify the identity of every buyer and any transfer dealers involved. Protect your item with shipping insurance, and take pictures of it before it is shipped out. Save all communications (email can never be entirely deleted from our system) and retain your records. If you are unsure of your ability to handle this, please consider using an FFL dealer to ship out guns. We have a list of outgoing transfer dealers called Drop Off Locations specifically for this purpose.
  2. There is no posting fee for a standard ad, or even an auction. If you want to highlight or feature your ad, or use a gallery of images, some posting fees do apply. Classified Ads and Auction type listings can run up to 180 days.
  3. All guns and items posted into a standard classified ad or auction must be “in hand.” This means that you must possess the gun or item for sale or if it has been consigned for you to sell, you must be able to get it on short notice. All pictures of used guns/items must be of the actual gun/item. New, current manufacture guns may carry a manufacturer photo, but must also be “in hand.” See Guns On Demand below for how to sell not “in hand.” guns.
  4. There is an after sale fee for all things sold from an ad on GunsAmerica. This is somewhat tracked in our system, but The Honor System, operational on GunsAmerica since 1997, still applies. If a customer walks into your store and say “Hey I want to buy this gun I saw on GunsAmerica,” you are liable for an after sale fee on The Honor System. This applies to regular sales as well as Guns On Demand.
  5. The standard after sale fee for all items is 4%. Guns have a minimum of $20, nonguns a minimum of $4. Trusted Sellers pay 2%, minimum $10 on guns. Gun Shops who use Live Payments for all of their credit card processing also pay 2%, minimum $10, regardless of account type. 48 Hour Gun sales are always 2%, $10 minimum.
  6. 48 Hour Guns is a time saving feature for brick and mortar stocking dealers. GunsAmerica works with the manufacturers to attain the standard picture, description and specifications for each SKU in the entire manufacturer catalog. They also provide a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and optionally, a list of FFL dealers who they have given permission to sell their guns through the 48 Hour Guns system. If you are a brick and mortar store you may sign up for several of the manufacturers, but some, like Beretta require that you be one of their stocking dealers specifically. You may charge MAP for each gun, or a percentage or dollar value above MAP. You may also require a deposit to order the gun if it is not in stock, and you may mark certain guns as generally in stock. All 48 Hour Guns sales carry a 1%, $10 minimum after sale fee, on the Honor System if our contact system is not used. The work flow for 48 Hour Guns is separate from regular ads. All data entry on the individual guns is done for you, by GunsAmerica and the manufacturers.
  7. A basic seller account on GunsAmerica is free. This allows you to post any type of ad and sign up for Guns On Demand if you are a brick and mortar gun shop.
  8. A GunsAmerica Trusted Seller Account is $49.95 per month. You can sell up to $10,000 per month in nonguns with no after sale fee, and there is an additional discount on gun after sale fees, 2%, with a $10 minimum and you may also put your phone number in any GunsAmerica ad. You must be a Verified member to become a trusted seller.
  9. “Verified” status is a process whereby we verify your credit card details with a quick transaction. There is a $1.99 charge for this service.
  10. All fees at GunsAmerica are very clear. If you feel you have been charged unfairly please contact [email protected] and you will be answered promptly. Generally we will refund any incorrect fees regardless of time lapse. If you forgot to turn of a Gold Account and got charged for several months, or if you posted something for sale and “thought it was free” there isn’t much we can do in the way of refunds, but this is decided on a case by case basis. If you neglect to contact us and do a charge back through your credit card company, generally we do fight these and we always win, so please contact us if you have a problem. We generally give people the benefit of the doubt and you will be more likely to get a refund without the charge back than with.
  11. GunsAmerica makes no warranty on anyone or anything, period. This is the internet and there are literally hundreds of thousands of people sitting in desks in other countries and even some in this country trying to come up with ways to rip you off every day. IF SOMETHING IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS NOT TRUE. IF SOMEONE OFFERS YOU MONEY TO DO SOMETHING ILLEGAL THEY ARE ALWAYS 100% OF THE TIME TRYING TO RIP YOU OFF OR STEAL YOUR IDENTITY. Be careful, always.
  12. You must log into your GunsAmerica account to answer buyer inquiries. If you do not answer a buyer within 7 days your account may be suspended without notice.
  13. This is the entirety of our agreement with you as a seller. It is subject to change at any time without notice and all changes will be binding upon you as soon as they change. We generally don’t do that though and you are informed about everything. The only thing GunsAmerica guarantees is to do our best to have your ad posted in a timely manner, and to keep it up and online. We try to keep our fees clear and consistent and to tell you everywhere you will be charged.
  14. GunsAmerica Live Payments is a trademark only. We do not sell merchant accounts. Electronic Transfer Inc. is a third party provider we have contracted to provide gun dealers with reliable credit card merchant accounts at fair and consistent fees. Your merchant account has nothing to do with your GunsAmerica account, and visa versa. Please contact ETI directly for any questions concerning your merchant account.
  15. GunsAmerica Advertising carries a separate terms and conditions, listed there.
  16. GunsAmerica Live Storefronts carries a separate terms and conditions, listed there.
  17. GunsAmerica general terms and conditions can be found here.