How do I accept credit cards directly on GunsAmerica?

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Overview on Accepting Online Payments on GunsAmerica

This is a brief overview of how to take payments for your sales here on GunsAmerica. If you are an FFL dealer, you can take payments directly from buyers here via credit cards, using a standard merchant account. Non-dealers, even if you sell a decent amount of guns, may not use a merchant account to take payments for guns unless they have been given permission by their processor. Scroll to the bottom for screen captures of how our system works.

Live Checkout is simple to set up and use, and it works with any merchant account a few popular “internet gateways,” which are kind of like the internet version of a swipe terminal. Gateways take the click from the buyer and process the payment on the back end for you. All internet orders require a gateway, and you can sign up for a gateway account on your existing merchant account or by getting a new internet only merchant account. The details are below. Our checkout system is called “Live Checkout” and it appears now as a link in your My GunsAmerica panel. Live Checkout sounds fancy, but it is nothing more than a merchant account approved that is approved for guns online, hooked to an internet gateway.

Once you have live checkout enabled, buyers purchasing your listings will be charged at the time of sale. Meaning you only have to ship the firearm and you’re good to go. If for some reason the sale falls through, sellers have the option to refund the charge.

Live Checkout Administration

Live Checkout Settings