How do I create an Auction listing?

Creating (posting) an Auction or Approved Bidder Auction is very easy, however there are a few steps you need to take before you post any listing. * Make sure you know exactly what you want to say; how you want to describe your item or service. Use keywords related to the item/service that will help GunsAmerica’s search engine find your ad as well as other search engines such a Google, Yahoo, and MSN. * Take a clear photo of your item or photos related to a service. The bigger the better but make sure it is clear, in focus, detailed, and less than 1.5 MB, in .jpg form. We recommend one wide shot plus close ups of key points and features. * Know how much the item/service is worth; how much you want to charge for the item/service and how much it will cost for shipping. * Familiarize yourself with all federal, state, and local laws regarding the selling and shipping of firearms including (but not limited to) if you need to use an FFL dealer to ship an item. * Once you’ve done your research, taken your photos, and know the laws and regulations you are ready to post your item or service. 1. Click on any SELL NOW or START SELLING link or button. 2. Choose the Auction listing type, and then check off the Approved Bidder Auction if desired. 3. Follow any prompts and fill in all information that pertains to your item; title, condition, price, duration of listing, and description of the item. You can also chose to offer members a BUY IT NOW feature. NOTE ABOUT CONTENT: You are not allowed to place contact information, phone numbers, website names, email addresses, or any HTML in your listings. 4. Upload any photos you have. (The first one is free) Please visit the FEEs page for details. NOTE ABOUT PHOTOS: A common mistake is to click on the browse button to place the photo in the list of photos BUT then forget to actually click on the “Upload” button. Be careful, because once you list your auction it can NOT be edited or altered in any way. 5. Choose any Advanced Special Features you want. (Special Features are available at additional cost) Please visit the FEEs page for details. 6. Click on post and you’re good to go! (You may have to scroll to the right so see the post button) And remember, Auctions can NOT be edited or modified later. Auctions cannot be ended early (unless you chose the BUY IT NOW option and a member uses this option) You MUST take care and make sure your choices and what you type is exactly what you want. * Your auction can be seen by you immediately when you use the “click here” link on the “Your post is complete!” page (that’s the page with the father and son at the shooting range) but your auction will not go live for all to see for about 1 hour. If you do not see the changes you made after waiting one full hour please clear your browser cache (see the Technical or Trouble Shooting link in this FAQs) before contacting us. * IF YOU MADE A MISTAKE ON YOUR AUCTION listing you can NOT make changes!! Contact customer service immediately for assistance. Be sure to send us the listing number and the exact reason for wanting to delete or end an auction. Repeated requests for deleting auctions or early closings may result in a penalty fee OR closure of your account. It is very important you take the time to list your auction carefully!