How does a Classified Ad work?

A traditional Classified ad on GunsAmerica is very much like a line ad in your local newspaper. You list (describe) what you are selling along with the price and photo(s), and potential buyers will contact you with an offer to buy or ask questions to get more information. Advantages: * You pick the price and you retain control. * Setting a price means you deal with less “low-ballers” wasting your time. * You can edit or change the ad at any time. * The ad can remain live until the right buyer comes along (if following all policies). * You don’t pay for a basic no-frills Classified Ad until the item is sold. (Except for special features, which may be added for an extra fee and are due and payable immediately, even if the item does not sell, and in addition to any sale fee when it sells.) Disadvantages: * A classified ad does not create a sense of urgency like an auction does. * If you over-price the item, not allowing bids or offers can scare off potential buyers. Who Can Post: Under our current policy, any registered member can post a classified ad, although there is a limit to how many you can post before needing to upgrade to Verified or Gold membership. Fees: Fees vary, depending on your membership level and any special features you might choose. Please visit the fees page for details. Who Can Contact & Buy: Generally any registered member can contact sellers, but we now have a new feature which lets the seller choose what membership level can make offers on their listings . This opens the playing field a bit but also allows lookyloos and scammers to float in. But you can choose who you deal with; choosing not to deal with those who are not Verified members (credit card verification) or Gold & Trusted members (all Gold & Trusted members are also verified), if wish.