I was sent a "past due" email notice. Why? What is this?

Simply put, a “past due” notice would be sent to you only if you have invoices in your account that are showing as past due in your account. This can happen if you did not realize you had an invoice to pay, or you thought you paid it, or you sent a check and you did not use the Pay By Check button on your invoices page to record payment (important you do this to avoid past due notices), or payment has not yet been received (lost in the mail?) or has not yet been applied to your account (deposited and cashed, but no invoice number or way to identify your account on the check), or any other number of reasons. There is no need to be upset or angry or be embarrassed or apologize. We understand “stuff” happens. But understand we must send notices. We must do what we can to get invoices paid on a timely basis. Not because we’re money hungry or greedy, but because it is a fact of life that businesses can’t run without capitol. If you get a past due notice all we ask is that you take proper action to remedy the situation. Please see the Q&A below for more information.