I'm a first time seller on GunsAmerica, how does it work? Can you explain the selling process?

It is free to post a gun for sale on our website with up to one picture. Additional images and features cost extra. If you do sell your gun we do take 2% of the selling price as a selling fee with a 20$ minimum charge. This means if you sell a gun over $1000 then we will charge you 2% of the selling price, if it sells for less than $1000 you pay $20. Okay so now you are ready to post the gun. You can post either an auction or classified ad.  Keep in mind that we treat an auction just like a live auction.  You can not edit an auction once you have posted it; editing the auction would be altering the item people are bidding on.  Classified ads can be edited if you want to ad more pictures change the description etc.  I think that the featured listing extra feature is the most ‘bang for your buck.’ It puts your listing at the top of the searches for that type/category of gun. So now your gun is for sale.  Typically you can expect to receive questions from prospective buyers about the condition or history of the gun.  These messages will come to your GunsAmerica messaging inbox and you can reply through our website.  Don’t rely on your email account to receive our forwarded messaging emails to you. A lot of email providers block GunsAmerica messages (for whatever reason) and sometimes it doesn’t get delivered. If you check your GunsAmerica account, the message will always be there. So now someone has bid or placed an offer on your gun.  You will receive a message saying someone has made an offer on your listing.  You can either accept or reject the offer. If you accept the offer, you will confirm the sale to that person and you will have the option to send them your personal information, address phone number etc. and discuss the shipping/payment details. I recommend you only accept USPS money orders as an exclusive form of payment from buyers. *Don’t accept PayPal or Western Union, ever*  You can click on the link at the top of our website titled “Don’t Be a Victim!…” and read more about Postal Money Orders. Okay so you have both agreed on a price, so what about shipping?  You must ship the gun to an FFL holder. Whether its a dealer or an individual with the FFL, it has to go to someone with a valid FFL license.  The buyer will send you a copy of his dealers (or his) FFL and inform you where to ship the gun.  Once you receive the money order you will ship him the gun and the deal is done.  I typically use UPS to ship guns, you can view their policy on how to ship guns on their website. Remember the key to success is communication. If you are not completely comfortable with a buyer, or if they seem unreliable then don’t do business with them.  Look out for people who want you to do weird things like accept paypal, western union money orders or ship the gun directly to their house without an FFL.