It has come to our attention that a number of members have old, out of date, invalid, or incorrect email addresses in their GunsAmerica account. This happens for many reasons, for example; typographical errors when the email address was entered, many people use .com when it may need to be .net, they forget to update their account when they change email providers, etc. There is also a growing problem with members who use Spam filters and do not make provisions to receive email from GunsAmerica and/or from GunsAmerica members who need to exchange messages. We’ve also found that many sellers believe their phone number is automatically sent to a member who inquires about a listing, as was once our policy, and therefore the seller does not bother to update their email address or log in to check for messages. Due to privacy & policy changes a seller’s/buyer’s phone number is no longer automatically sent to members using the GunsAmerica messaging system. All members are required to and responsible for making sure the email addresses they have in their GunsAmerica account (User and Seller accounts) are valid and can accept email from GunsAmerica. All members are responsible for logging into their GunsAmerica account regularly to check for offers, messages, and replies. Please do NOT rely solely on your email, as emails are known to fail for any number of reasons and ISPs are known to block “gun” related emails. Please do not assume that because you are getting emails from some people that you are getting emails from all who are trying to get through to you. See our “Email” section of the FAQs for more information about email blocking, spam, etc. The GunsAmerica messaging system is designed as a fail-safe for the reasons stated above. Please make sure you log in and check your account, offers, and messaging system regularly. We ask all members to please also take the time to log in to their GunsAmerica account and update their email addresses and other contact information. Thank you.