How To: Web Bulk Upload


Bulk Upload is a robust, powerful inventory management tool. Each time you perform a bulk upload, the system automatically adds and drops items accordingly. So each time you upload, it should be a COMPLETE inventory file. Upload using a CSV or XLSX file. Most point of sale systems allow you to export inventory into one of these formats.

Bulk Upload is available to all sellers who have an upgraded membership packages. Click Here to upgrade your account to access Bulk Upload. The Bulk Upload tool is for in-store inventory only. If you want to show distributor inventory, then you can use our integration with AmmoReady.

Your file must contain the mandatory columns listed in the Spreadsheet Setup in order to process correctly.

Using the Web Bulk Upload


Step 1: Spreadsheet Setup.

Your inventory file must have the mandatory column headers, listed below, in order to match your inventory columns to ours. The first row of your spreadsheet will contain a Title that describes the column itself (i.e. Listing title, Description, Price etc.). Download our sample bulk upload file.

The bulk upload system is only compatible with XLSX (Microsoft Excel) and CSV files.

If you use a POS system, you should be able to export your inventory via XLSX or CSV format. If you do not have a POS system, you will have to create your inventory file manually.

Mandatory Columns

The following columns are mandatory and is the minimum amount of information required to use the bulk upload system. Your inventory file must contain the following column titles and information:

*Your Stock Number – Unique internal stock number used for your records. Your stock number is how our system determines which items to add and which items to remove from your account. For example, if stock number 1234 is assigned to a Glock 19 which sold in your store, the next time you use the bulk upload, stock number 1234 would be missing from your file. Since it is missing, the item would be dropped from your online inventory and no longer available. You cannot use the same seller stock number after that item has been removed from your inventory. Stock numbers must be unique for each item.

*Title – Title of item.

*Description – Description of item.

*Price – Price of item for sale.

*SKU and/or UPC – SKU or UPC number of item for sale. Note: used guns do not require SKU or UPC numbers

*Category ID – GunsAmerica uses unique category ID numbers to properly organize listings. The bulk upload system matches UPC and SKU numbers to categories that it recognizes, but may still require you to assign categories to your listings. You can assign the categories before you upload the file to reduce the amount of possible errors. Download our category list.

Optional Columns

The following columns can be added to your inventory file but are not required:

Manufacturer – The Manufacturer provides more information for your potential buyers and allows them to find your listing easier in keyword searches. You may download GunsAmerica’s Manufacturer list as a reference. Please use the text from the “Description” column of the Manufacturer List in your data (NOT the ManufacturerID)

Shipping Cost – The amount you charge for shipping an item entered in dollar amounts. This can be modified later. Enter the amount you charge for shipping as a number. (Example: 30, 19.95)

Shipping Text – Shipping text will display in all of your listings under “shipping and payment.” Enter your shipping terms as text in this column.

Image URL – You can use images from your personal server or around the web by inserting an Image URL column. Copy and paste the web address of the image into the column and row that matches the item for sale. If you want to use your own photos, click here to learn about uploading your photos.

Quantity on Hand  The quantity of an item you have available for sale.

Additional/Unused Columns – If you have additional columns in your spreadsheet that can’t be matched to GunsAmerica columns, don’t worry. Those columns simply won’t be used. Just make sure you match at least the mandatory columns and you’ll be good to go.

Step 2: Upload your spreadsheet.

  1. From your dashboard, click on Bulk Upload under Stocking Dealer Services.
  2. Select the Web Bulk Upload Option.
  3. Click the “Choose a File” button and select your inventory file from your computer.
  4. Click “Change Column Mappings.” – Note: This will only have to be done the first time you use the Bulk Upload.
    1. Match the titles of your columns in your file with our column titles on GunsAmerica.
    2. Click “Save” when you are finished.
  5. Click the “Choose a File” button and select your inventory file from your computer.
  6. Click “Upload Inventory” to upload your spreadsheet.

Step 3: The system checks your file for errors.

  1. The Bulk Upload system validates each row of information on your spreadsheet.
  2. If any row fails validation, you receive an error message in the corresponding row with information on how to resolve it. If your file contains errors, click the “Download Errors” button, correct any errors on the spreadsheet, and upload the spreadsheet again.
  3. If your file has no errors, click the “Process Upload” button to start your inventory upload.
  4. Your file will be processed and your inventory will be uploaded to GunsAmerica within 1 hour. You will receive an email after the upload is completed.

Step 4: Monitor your listings in your Classified Ads section.

  1. To view your inventory from your dashboard, click on “Your Classified Ads.”

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