What am I supposed to do if a buyer does not pay?

First and foremost you should make sure your payment instructions are clear and easy to understand and make sure the buyer actually received the instructions. Second, it’s important to remember email can be lost, misdirected, or end up in a Spam folder so it is always a good idea to solidify a deal by email AND by phone (once you accept a member’s offer to buy you should exchange phone numbers to confirm all and to use just in case email fails). If payment terms were undoubtedly received, and clearly understood, you should attempt to keep friendly and businesslike communications open with the buyer. Angry words and nasty comments will most likely just make matters worse and you can kiss any payment goodbye. If, after a reasonable about of time (according to your policies which you clearly spelled out for the buyer), the buyer has not paid for the item he/she agreed to purchase you should consider it a “no sale” and move on. It’s not worth further aggravation to get yourself all worked up over it. If you incurred an invoice or paid a fee for any part of the listing or sale please click on the Refunds tab here in the FAQs to see if you are entitled to a refund (or voided invoice) and how to go about getting it. Do not wait too long. If you need to report a “no sale” or “non payer” to get a refund or voided invoice you must do so immediately. If you wish to leave “bad” feedback for a non-paying member please see the Feedback section of the FAQs.      The Communications/Messaging section of the FAQs may also be helpful.