What are listing enhancements?

Bold Font

This listing enhancement feature transforms the font in your item title to bold, making it more prominent and eye-catching on search result pages. However, once a user clicks through to view your individual listing or ad, the bold text reverts back to regular, for a smoother, easier reading experience. This nuanced change is intentionally designed to highlight your listing when it’s amidst others, yet prioritize readability when viewed independently.

Bordered Listing

This enhancement feature adds a bold, deep red border around your thumbnail listing photo – the smaller photo displayed on a page alongside other ads. This distinctive border sets your photo apart, making it truly stand out. When paired with the Highlighted Summary feature, this bordered listing creates a substantial impression, significantly boosting your ad’s visibility.

Highlighted Listing

This listing enhancement brightens your listing or ad summary with a yellow highlight, making it stand out among other sellers’ items on a summary page. However, when a user clicks to view your individual listing or ad, the highlight is removed for a more comfortable reading experience. This feature strategically amplifies visibility on summary pages, while preserving readability when your listing is viewed in isolation.

Featured Listing

With this listing enhancement, your ad is promoted to the top of the specific category or subcategory you’ve chosen, alongside other featured listings, arranged by listing number. It’s important to understand that this ‘featured listing’ status applies only to the precise category and subcategory you’ve selected, not to broader or top-level categories.

For instance, if you list a gun under Guns / Rifles / Browning / Bolt Action / Hunting categories and subcategories, it will appear at the top of these particular sections, but not necessarily at the top of broader categories like Guns, Rifles, or Browning.

The standout advantage of this feature is its resistance to user sorting. Regardless of how visitors rearrange the listings (by price, time, etc.), your ad maintains its top spot among other Featured Listings. This consistent visibility provides a significant edge in attracting attention to your item!

Display My Other Listings

This listing enhancement adds a “More from this Seller” button to your listings when they appear in search results alongside other sellers’ items. When users click on this button, they are directed to a dedicated page showcasing all your listings. Trusted Sellers benefit from this feature at no cost.

Home Page

The Homepage Feature gives your listing a prime spot on our homepage for a period of 7 days. As one of just 10 listings showcased on the homepage, your ad gains visibility to anyone visiting the GunsAmerica homepage. Due to the limited number of homepage listings, if more than 10 homepage ads are active at a time, your ad may be rotated in and out of visibility. The duration of your listing’s presence on the homepage can vary from a few continuous days to appearing in intervals of a few minutes, depending on the number of homepage features purchased at a time. Please note, we cannot guarantee a specific duration for your listing’s homepage visibility. Opt for the Homepage Feature when you’re looking for immediate, broad exposure. Keep in mind, there are no refunds available for this or any other special feature.

Additional Images

The first photo for every listing is always free. There is a small fee for additional images, depending on your membership level and how many images you upload.