What are the different kinds of payment terms, how do the work, how is this decided?

There are two kinds of payment terms: automatic payment by credit card or as needed payment by check, money order, or credit card. Most members are on credit card auto-payment by default. And some have a combination of both (monthly membership fees on auto-pay, all other invoices are paid as needed by check or cc). The decision as to what payment plan you are on is made at the sole discretion of GunsAmerica, however if you prefer one payment plan over another you can request a review of your payment terms with the possibility of making a change. Pay By Check or Money Order (or credit card as needed): * When your payment agreement is “by check” you are responsible for keeping track of the due dates of every invoice and making sure payment is made on time. You must also go through the manual process of checking off invoices, printing the payment page, writing invoices numbers on checks, or paying each invoice as it comes due with a credit card, etc. This can become a bit difficult if you have many invoices, have a tendency to forget to log in and review your invoices, or simply don’t have the time. * Just like with credit card auto-payment, some sellers that pay by manually are given the option of paying all of their invoices monthly. But again, this type of payment plan is usually reserved for long time sellers and/or commercial businesses and it not a decision the member makes. Payment terms are decided by GunsAmerica. If you have not been told you’re payment terms are “monthly” then you are expected to make sure your payments are made before an invoice becomes past due. * If you are not on a monthly payment plan then payment of special feature invoices and auction posting invoices are especially urgent since the are due “immediately”. This means you should get that check out in the mail about the same day you post the listing that generated the invoice or manually pay using a credit card. * When you are on the pay by check plan you can pay manually by credit card BUT just placing your credit card on file does not make the payment to your invoices. When you are on the “pay by check” payment plan you must go through the payment steps outlined above (and on the invoice page). * If you would like your invoices to be automatically charged to your credit card please contact customer service and request this. No matter what payment plan you are on you can always review your invoices AND your payment history by logging in and going to the Accounting section at you My GunsAmerica home page. Auto-Pay By Credit Card: * You keep a credit card on file and your invoices are charged to that card automatically. You do not have to worry about payment due dates. * Your invoices are charged as they come due (daily, weekly, or monthly) OR they may be charged once monthly. Most members are on the “as they come due” payment plan by default. Monthly payments are usually reserved for Gold Sellers and/or commercial dealers with a long history of regular payment with us or who have industry references. This is a common practice in the business world – to give a 30 day payment plan to commercial businesses with a good payment record. * No information is kept on the Internet, your complete credit card number is not available to anyone but the credit card processing agency that works with your bank or credit card company.