What is the best way to keep track of offers and messages?

Our new Offers & Messaging system combined with our new control panel makes it easy to organize and keep track of everything regarding your Classified Ads and Offer Only listings. * Log in. * Click on My GunsAmerica. * Hover over Selling (in the menu at left), then click on My Selling. * All of your Classifieds & Offers Only listings will be there. (Auctions are listed separately) VIEW & RESPOND TO OFFERS * Locate the listing you want to check on, and click on the number to the right of the listing, in the Offers column. This will display a section where you will see all offers AND messages related to that item. Under the main Offers tab, you will have a choice of the following: Open Items: offers you have not yet responded to. Offers to Sell: offers you extended to members who may have asked you a question (visible only if offer was extended). Transactions: offers/deals waiting to be closed/finished (waiting to be marked as “shipped”). Closed Items: offers/deals that are closed (accepted and marked as “shipped”, or rejected). OPEN ITEMS TAB > Hover over “Set Status” (to the right of the offer) and choose to “accept”, “reject” or mark as “under consideration”. ACCEPTING AN OFFER GENERATES AN INVOICE FOR THE SALE – do not “accept” an offer unless you expect to close the deal. If you are not sure, choose “under consideration”. You can always come back later and set the offer as “accepted”. > You will also be given the opportunity to send a message. Be sure to give the member instructions for payment & FFL requirements, etc., and exchange phone numbers, email addresses, and/or physical addresses just in case you need them later. For privacy reasons GA will not supply you with this information. OPTIONAL SELECT A MESSAGE FEATURE on the OFFERS PAGE: * Select a Message is an option where you can create a standard response and save it so you do not have to type it each time you reply to an offer. * You can save a standard “rejected” response that can say something like, “Thank you for your interest, but my price stands firm.” or anything you’d like to say. * You can save a standard “accepted” response that can say, “Congratulations! Your offer to buy has been accepted.” and you can add contact info or payment instructions, etc. * To create or edit an Message click on Saved Messages under Selling in the menu to the left. * Click on the tab for the type of listing. * Click on the Add Message button (or edit one that is already there). * Choose a status, message name, and message. * Click on save. * And, for advanced users or anyone who wants to try it out, there’s even a feature there that allows you to automatically inject the listing number, title, or display names into your message – just like form mail in a Word document! OFFERS TO SELL TAB > The Offers to Sell tab will only be visible if you made an “offer to sell” to a member who asked you a question. > Here you will find any offers you made on that specific listing. TRANSACTIONS TAB > Here is where you find any items considered to be “sold” to someone either because someone accepted your “offer to sell” our you accepted their “offer to buy”. Remember, each listing has its own section for offers but if you have multiples of an item you can of course have more than one of that item under the Transactions tab. CLOSED ITEMS TAB > Here is where you’ll find listings where offers were rejected, or offers that were accepted and marked the item as shipped.