What is the best way to see if a seller has responded to my offer?

Our new Offers & Messaging system combined with our new control panel makes it easy to organize and keep track of everything regarding offers, purchases, and questions you’ve asked. * Log in. * Click on My GunsAmerica. * Hover over Buying (in the menu at left), then click on My Buying. * Any offer you’ve made on Classifieds & Offers Only listings will be there and any Winning Bids. (pending Auctions are listed separately) FIND THE STATUS OF AN OFFER In My Buying you will see all offers you’ve made with their status. No matter what the status, you can also check to see if the seller sent you a message too. Offer To Buy Made: is an offer you made on a Classified Ad or Offers Only listing, and the seller has not yet responded. Offered: is an offer you’ve made on a seller’s store inventory, and the seller has not yet responded Bought: is an offer you’ve made, and the seller has accepted you offer. Under Consideration: is an offer you’ve made, and the seller is taking it under consideration & most likely sent you a message or question regarding your offer. Rejected: the seller has rejected your offer, but may have also sent you a message. Offer from Seller: the seller has extended an offer to you, to buy an item you inquired about (price may be lower). VIEW RELATED MESSAGES & MUCH MORE No matter what the status, click on the Actions link (to the right of the offer) to: * “View messages” related to that offer/item. * Choose an FFL (if your offer was accepted). * Mark an item paid. * Check to see if the seller marked an item shipped. * Leave feedback. * Archive the item.