Why did I get a 45 day (or 60 day) "past due" notice when I never got the 30 day (or 45 day) notice?

The first notice we send is the 30 day past due, then the 45 day, then the 60 day. Whether or not you actually get the notice is not under our control. We control sending the notice. You are responsible for making sure you can “get” it. Email notices may be missed (accidentally deleted) or blocked (by you or your ISP or your email provider) or sent to a Spam folder. Ether way, you the member, are responsible for making sure you can receive and read the emails we send to you. So we cannot tell you “why” you did not get any particular notice. That is something you need to figure out and resolve. See the Communications/Messaging/Email section of this FAQs for more information. Regardless of why you did not get a previous notice, there is no need to be upset, or get angry or be embarrassed or apologize. We understand “stuff” happens. But understand we must send notices. We must do what we can to get invoices paid on a timely basis. Not because we’re money hungry or greedy, but because it is a fact of life that businesses can’t run without capitol. All we ask is that you take proper action to remedy the situation. Please see the Q&A below for more information.