Why isn't a seller responding to my offer/message?

If You Suspect a Message or Offer Was Not Sent or Received: Please keep in mind there is a lot of activity on our site and some sellers are swamped with emails/offers/messages for this reason as well as the fact that they are more than likely getting emails from many other sources. Simply put, some people are just too busy to answer emails every day and can only get to them every few days and in some cases only once a week or so. For this reason we suggest you give a seller at least five business days (one week) to respond, even if you’ve experienced quicker responses in the past, because things and situations do change. Once in a while, yes, emails get “bounced” back or cannot be delivered. This can happen for many reasons, including but not limited too: the seller’s email box is full, the seller’s email program or ISP (Internet Service Provider) is having temporary trouble, or any number of other reasons that are very common when using email and the Internet. But rest assured, even if you get a bounced email message, even if the member’s email client (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) or ISP is blown off the map; if you use the GA messaging system to send your message to a GA member your message will get through to their Messaging page. All they have to do is log in to view and reply to your message. It is the responsibility of the member to log in and reply to messages. GA cannot force members to do this. For privacy reasons, GA will not give out any member’s contact information, so please do NOT ask.