Local Listings Are Free At GunsAmerica

This is the screen when you go to post on GunsAmerica. Be sure to select the Local Only option if you do not want your ad to appear nationally, thereby saving you from the chance for any sales fees whatsoever.

Do you have guns to sell? Well we have over 1,000,000 gun buyers a month at GunsAmerica. There is a very good chance that we can sell your gun for you, and at a competitive price.

Don’t want to pay any sales fees?

Well what you may not know is that for several years now, all local sales are free on GunsAmerica. We built this feature out in response to the decommissioning of the Facebook local guns for sale boards.

You can read for further details, or post a listing now —>>

Unfortunately, a lot of people are still trying to use that broken Facebook system, advertising a case or a grip for sale, while really selling a firearm.

At GunsAmerica you get to post your ad anonymously, using a user name instead of your real “Facebook” name. This is way more safe than any local posting system online, and it puts you in control of who knows you have a gun.

If you select Local Only, your ad will not even be shown to buyers outside of a 50 mile radius. There is no way you can be charged anything.

If the gun fails to sell locally, you can also upgrade it to a national ad. The posting is free, and the aftersale fee is our normal 2%/$20 min, unless you are a Trusted Seller, which has a 50% discount.

To sell on GunsAmerica, you do have to input a credit card. We do a $1 authorization to validate the card, but we do not do a “capture,” so it costs you nothing.

There are no surprise fees. There are no gotchas. Selling a gun locally on GunsAmerica is absolutely free. With a normal free basic GunsAmerica account you can maintain up to 5 free local ads at one time. For dealers there are upgrade packages that allow you to post more than 5. Dealers may contact [email protected] to inquire.

Thanks as always for being part of GunsAmerica. -team@ga